Did You Hear the Story About the African Billions?

December 2, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE One of the most irritating things about Manx Radio, other than the fact they give Eddie Teare a platform to blather for two hours and tell you absolutely nothing (as in today’s Sunday Politics/Mannin Line) is the interesting

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A Warning from History

September 11, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE When Phil Gawne made a statement some months ago about freeing up more land for development Mec Vannin not surprisingly reminded him of the historic statement made by himself and others when the were indicted and convicted for

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‘The Foxes are in the Hen House’

August 8, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The call this week, from Manx Infrastructure Minister Phillip Gawne MHK, for more land to be freed up for development prompted an immediate and hostile reaction from Nationalists. In an article on the Mec Vannin Facebook pages Peter

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Silt Row: Gawne Gets an Ally – Meanwhile Police Have Heads Stuck Firmly in the Silt

April 16, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE SILT ROW: GAWNE GETS AN ALLY – MEANWHILE POLICE HAVE HEADS STUCK FIRMLY IN THE SILT Beleaguered Department of Infrastructure Minister Phillip Gawne has found an unusual allay as he faces a deluge of criticism in the row

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Mann: Prompt Response From Minister on Harbour Silt Queries

April 2, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE Manx Infrastructure Minister Phillip Gawne, MHK, has responded to a number of queries from the Celtic League about the disposal of dredged silt from Peel Harbour to an onshore site at Poortown in the West of the Island.

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