A Welsh Princess for a Subject People

January 25, 2013

News from the Celtic League A Welsh Member of the UK parliament has called for the creation of a ‘princess of Wales’ role for the wife of the eldest son of an English monarch. Currently the eldest son of the reigning English monarch

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‘Private Individual’ Calls Shots in UK Politics

January 16, 2013

News from Celtic League Information on the extent of political power wielded by the English monarchy was released this week, following a ruling that the information could not be kept secret, despite the Westminster government’s attempts to stop it falling into the public

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Parents Despair Over Jubilee Events

May 29, 2012

News from Celtic press Events and celebrations surrounding the English monarchy are often a difficult time for nationalists from many of the Celtic countries, because of the prominence events are given in the media and in society in general by the establishment. In

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Mannin: Royal Visit An Irrelevance

April 30, 2012

Manx nationalists, who usually ignore such events, broke with tradition and questioned the meaning and value of a visit to the Isle of Man earlier this week of England’s Prince Charles and his second wife. The party was scathing of the deference shown

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Cymru: Branch Secretary Questions Relevance of Crown

January 30, 2012

The Cymru Branch Secretary has been invited to the opening night of an exhibition about the English Queen Elizabeth II at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff on 2nd February 2012. The exhibition is currently touring different venues in the UK under the

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Ireland: Opposition To Visit By English Queen Grows

July 23, 2010

Kerry Sinn Féin (SF) TD Deputy, Martin Ferris, is the latest of a number of political sources in Ireland to voice opposition to the prospect of a State visit to by the British Queen, Elizabeth II. Ferris described the proposed royal visit as

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