As East West tensions Rise Will Deadly Undersea Menace Return

December 2, 2014

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE AS EAST WEST TENSIONS RISE WILL DEADLY UNDERSEA MENACE RETURN It is reported that Russian military incursions into the waters around the NATO countries are on the increase and if there is one thing that the lesson of

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Militarisation of Children Condemned

June 3, 2013

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The Celtic League has written to the Northern Ireland Children’s Commissioner about the militarisation of children. The League says her stance in condemning the appearance of children in paramilitary garb on parades whilst failing to criticise cadet forces

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Military Cadet Forces – UNCRC Asked to Act

January 6, 2013

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE MILITARY CADET FORCES UNCRC ASKED TO ACT The Celtic League has written to the Committee on the Rights of the Child about the operation of child cadet forces. The move comes following a decision of the Celtic League

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Wales: Drone Site Cause for Concern

November 27, 2012

News from Celtic league Unmanned military drone aircraft are best known for lethal attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where they are used to target Taliban suspects, but in Wales the aircraft is best known for the nuisance that it causes among residents while

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AGM Condemns Extension of Military Testing

November 15, 2012

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The testing of experimental pilot-less drone aircraft over areas of the Irish sea criss-crossed by domestic air routes was criticised at the Celtic League AGM in Karaez , Brittany, at the weekend. The use by the British military

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Spanish Colonel Threatens Catalunya with Military Action

September 3, 2012

News from Celtic Press The Spanish Defence Minister has been called on bytwo Catalan political parties to discharge with immediate effect a Colonel inthe Spanish army who has stated in an interview that if Catalonia becameindependent it would be threatened with military action.

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Cadet Death: Man In Court On Health and Safety Charges

December 24, 2011

An incident involving the death of an Army Cadet which prompted the Celtic League to query the MOD as to whether previous tragic lessons had been learned has resulted in a man facing the Scottish courts this week. Major George McCallum appeared at

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Militarisation of Young People Commissioners Response

May 20, 2011

There has been a response from the Childrens Commissioner for Wales to our query about the militarization of young people (see link): “Dear Mr Moffatt Thank you for your letter dated 1 April 2011 in which you refer to your correspondence with

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