BBC Query Slowly Makes Its Way Through the System!

October 16, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE A further response to our query to the BBC about their service provision here vis a vis other areas, not least the Channel Isles (link): They say the query has been forwarded to be dealt with locally

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Scotland: Custody Death Officer ‘Hates Black People’ BBC Allege

October 15, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE We reported earlier this year about the death in custody of Sheku Bayoh who was detained by Scottish police and died at a police station in Fife in early May. At the time the Celtic League wrote to

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BBC N Ireland Manx Language Programme Wins Award

October 13, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE Adrian Cain has forwarded us a press statement about a new documentary by BBC (NI) on the Manx Language which has won a ‘prestigious’ award. Presumably the documentary made in 2014 has been broadcast already but it would

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Kernow: Council Initiative to Promote Language Criticised

October 12, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE KERNOW: COUNCIL INITIATIVE TO PROMOTE LANGUAGE CRITICISED Last week it was announced that Cornwall Council staff will be encouraged to use the Cornish language when engaging with the public, amid a torrent of criticism levied at the Council

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Why Are You Discriminating BBC Asked

October 8, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The Celtic League have written to BBC Director General Tony Hall asking why the Corporation provides services to all manner of distinct communities in the United Kingdom and also the Channel Islands but discriminates against the Isle of

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The Uniformity and Obedience of the Media

October 5, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE Even Ukrainians locked in a conflict with their major energy supplier Russia currently have a better deal on gas prices than the Manx people. Following revelations this week that Manx Gas would simultaneously cut prices but increase standing

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Wales: Call for Separate Welsh News at Six

September 28, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE In a call that has echoes of the ‘Scottish Six’ campaign Plaid Cymru has called for separate evening primetime news to be produced in Wales, for Wales, in order to lead a new direction in indigenous Welsh media.

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Tax Matters Closer to Home!

September 25, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE We’ve been focusing on tax matters ‘across the pond’ a lot lately but if you cast around you can find examples of tax management arrangements closer to home. These arrangements are legitimate but enable companies to dramatically cut

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Manx Media: Making a Pigs Ear of the News!

September 23, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE What on earth is wrong with the Manx media? Very little coverage here of ‘Pig-gate’ i.e. the Lord Ashcroft literary ramblings about David Cameron’s encounter with part of a dead pig in his University days. The Manx media

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Pig-gate: Wave Your Union Jacks Now!

September 23, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE As I frequently say we don’t usually just link to other peoples work but one exception over the past few months has been Paul Kavanagh’s Scottish Indy and social comment blog Wee Ginger Dug. I had been having

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