Its The Nationalist Mesage That Upset Mr Microphone

June 21, 2010

The advent of the holiday season on the Isle of Man, combined with unusually good weather, has spawned the usual crop of unofficial signage Island-wide advertising everything from commercial events to summer fairs. In some instances the signage is both sizeable and prominent

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Langdon Like A Character from the Film ‘Casablanca’

May 20, 2010

As more is revealed about the ill-thought out Nationalist graffiti investigations in Mannin recently it is clear that the police increasingly desperate to achieve success launched a trawl of any with links to nationalist or cultural bodies. Manx Radio , the so-called National

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Manx Nationalists Cautioned But The Elephant In The Room Remains

May 18, 2010

Police action against a number of people alleged to have committed what the Chief Constable of the Isle of Man called `criminal damage’ has been discontinued with cautions being issued to those embroiled in the affair. The issues relate to the daubing of

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