Police in Cornwall’s Capital Adopt Bi-lingual Cornish English Signs

December 12, 2014

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE Members and followers of the Cornish Branch of the Celtic League have expressed delight at seeing bi lingual Cornish and English language official signage outside Truro Police Station in Cornwall and photographs of the sign taken by members

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‘The Cornish Research Landscape’ – Conference First for Cornish Language

October 12, 2014

News from Celtic League The first annual Cornish language research conference is being held this month in Redruth with contributors from across the globe presenting research papers on an eclectic and interesting mix of linguistic and sociolinguistic themes. The conference has been organised

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Cornish Language Nursery Appeal

October 30, 2013

NEWS FROM CELTIC LEAGUE Kernow Branch member, Mike Chappell, writes below about an appeal to raise funds to set up the first OfSTED registered Cornish language nursery in Cornwall. OfSTED is a government organisation that inspects schools and all nurseries in Cornwall need

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More Pledges Needed for Cornish Language Project

September 1, 2013

NEWS FROM CELTIC LEAGUE An online Cornish language radio programme is just under £1000 and four days away from meeting a £5000 fund raising target to build a new website to host the free downloadable podcasts that aim to boost fluency among speakers.

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Cornish Language Preschool Celebrates First Year

February 11, 2011

Cornwall’s only Cornish language preschool celebrated its first anniversary this month by extending its provision for children up to the age of 8 years of age. Skol Veythrin Karenza (SVK) was opened on 16th January 2010 at the Karenza building on the grounds

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