IMO Urged to Investigate ‘The Outlaw Ocean’

July 31, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The Celtic League has written to the Secretary General of the IMO urging the body to take urgent action to investigate a wide range of concerns raised by a series of articles published in the New York Times.

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IMO Response on Seafarer Conditions ‘Most Diplomatic’

July 20, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The IMO responded to our query about working conditions and standards for seafarers in terms ‘most diplomatic’. We had written to the body earlier this month (see link) and whilst recognising that the ILO has primacy in this

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IMO Urged to Press EU on migrant Rescue Policy

February 23, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The Celtic League has once again raised the issue of EU States responsibilities under the Search and Rescue (SAR) Convention with the IMO. The League first highlighted concerns at the possible fatal consequences of an EU decision to

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German Assurance of Strict Application of IMO Safety Code

February 22, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The Naval Attaché at the German Embassy in London has responded to a query from the Celtic League about the application of International Maritime Organisation Convention A.709(17) which governs the interaction between submerged submarines and Motor Fishing Vessels

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EU Obsfucates: IMO

February 12, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The latest tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea where several hundred refugees have died fleeing war and poverty via the hazardous crossing from North Africa to Italy was predictable. In November 2014 the EU said its members States would

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IMO Say All Mediterranean States Have SAR Obligations

December 9, 2014

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The International Maritime Organisation has responded to the Celtic League enquiry about European Union statements that its member States would ‘scale down’ their Search and Rescue operations aimed at targeting migrants from Africa who attempt the perilous crossing

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IMO Queried on Members Obligations

December 4, 2014

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The Celtic League has sought clarification from the IMO about members of its present governing Council who have announced Search and Rescue restrictions in the Mediterranean area. The move has recently been criticised by UN Special Rapporteur for

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IMO Queried On Offshore Windfarm Regulations

October 4, 2011

The Celtic League has asked the Internatonal Maritime Organisation what regulation (if any) members states have to apply to the siting of offshore windfarms in busy shipping lanes. “The Secretary General Efthimios E. Mitropoulos International Maritime Organization 4, Albert Embankment London SE1 7SR

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Did Stricken Sub Comply With IMO Regulations

December 26, 2010

The Celtic League has written to the Royal Navy asking if the submarine HMS Astute which was grounded off Skye in October had complied with IMO regulations in relation to the safety of other mariners prior to the incident. The Navy have also

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