Scotland: Six Lewis Chessmen Returned

September 13, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE ‘some of the Chessmen are ‘home’, but the Chronicles continue to moulder in the British Library ignored by a Manx government to craven to demand their return!’ Six pieces from Lewis chess set have been returned to Scotland

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Chessmen Pieces to be Returned to Scotland

June 15, 2012

News from Celtic Press A number of pieces of an historic chess set are planned to be returned to their home in Scotland from the British Museum in London. Six pieces of the Lewis Chessmen will be repatriated to Scotland on permanent loan

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British Institutions Should be More Mature Over Restitution Issue

December 21, 2011

London based cultural institutions should be more mature in their attitudes to the restitution of artefacts from the Celtic countries. That is the view of the Celtic League commenting as the `Wallace Passport’ is returned to Scotland (see below). The William Wallace Letter

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Policy of Sending Celtic Treasures To British Museum Queried

December 13, 2011

The seemingly imperialistic practice of sending treasure found in Wales to England is alive and well as the discovery of a silver ring in the Caerffili area of south Wales recently showed. The treasure, about 2000 years old, was discovered by a man

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Lewis Chessmen: Scottish Government Resolute On Need To Reunite Pieces

March 31, 2011

LEWIS CHESSMEN: SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT RESOLUTE ON NEED TO REUNITE PIECES The Scottish Government is committed to campaigning to have the Lewis Chessmen reunited in an independent Scotland. The position is set out in reply to a query from the Celtic League (see link

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Assembly Government Not Enthusiastic For Return Of Gold Cape

March 22, 2011

ASSEMBLY GOVERNMENT NOT ENTHUSIASTIC FOR RETURN OF GOLD CAPE The Welsh Assembly Government (AG) says they are not seeking the return of the important Welsh artefact `the Gold Cape of Mold’ for permanent exhibition at this time. The Celtic League had written to

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