Breton Reunification Protest Attracts Support

July 9, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE At the start of the summer holiday the BREIZH UNVAN / BRETAGNE RÉUNIE organisations organised protesters to peacefullygather under the hot July sun on a bridge over the N165 motorway at Kerpont, near Lorient waving flags and displaying

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Democracy? A Jacobin Stitch Up!

December 11, 2014

News from the Celtic League The last and final reading of a bill of law in the French National Assembly (l’Assemblée Nationale) in Paris, which could have either reunified Breizh (Brittany) or created another new artificial region was heard this week. Last month

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Breton Reunification: Deeply Disappointing Result

November 21, 2014

Celtic League News Yesterday (20th November 2014) members of the French Parliament (l’Assemblée Nationale) voted not to support Breton Reunification. In a deeply disappointing result only 68 French MP’s attended the debate out of the 577 elected French MP’s who were eligible to

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League’s Message of Solidarity to the Breton People

September 27, 2014

News from Celtic League This afternoon (27th September 2014) a rally is being held in Nantes, Breizh (Brittany) that is being billed as ‘The Big Breton Rally’ for reunification. The rally is the latest in a series of mass rallies that have taken

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GS Urges Branches to Call for Breton Reunification

June 26, 2014

News from Celtic League The General Secretary (GS) has written to the French authorities ahead of a planned demonstration in Nantes this Saturday (28th June 2014) in support of Breton reunification. The demonstration has been planned in an attempt to influence the French

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Breizh: “Mass Protest on Epic Scale Needed”

June 3, 2014

News from the Celtic League Politically and linguistically advances have slowly been made in the strengthening of the Celtic countries as distinct entities in their own right over the last twenty years. Despite some minor setbacks the Celtic countries have been making progressing

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League Cause for Concern Ahead of Possible Announcement

May 31, 2014

News from Celtic League It is with grave concern that the Celtic League has learned about French Government plans to further annex the nation of Breizh (Brittany) with areas of the French state, with complete disregard for the Breton people and their territory.

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Bonnedoù Ruz Movement Join Call for Breton Reunification

April 17, 2014

This weekend (Saturday 19th April) a massive demonstration is being planned in Naoned/Nantes organised in part by the newly revived Bonnedoù Ruz movement. The demonstration is one of a series of large demonstrations that have taken place in Breizh over the last year,

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French Press Censor Results of Breton Survey

February 1, 2013

News from the Celtic League A popular Breton magazine is at the centre of a controversial debate about the freedom of the French press following the censorship of a front page story by the boss of a well known French newspaper, who owns

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