Discontent In The ‘Farce’ Years Ago

January 9, 2016

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The OUTSIDE LEFT column that I write for the Manx Independent this week deals with the work of the two independent surveillance Commissioners I entitled it ‘THE GUARDIANS’ but in his wisdom the Editor amended that – there’s

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A Damp Day But Spirits Were High As Dhone Commeration Held

January 4, 2016

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE Despite appalling weather there was a good turn out at the Illiam Dhone commemoration yesterday. Opening proceedings Bernard Moffatt spoke about the significance and legacy of Dhone to Manx people and our institutions. He also pointed out that

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The Arts Council May Be Part Of The Problem!

December 2, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE I suppose from a personal perspective I should have been quite pleased after all its only a little over a month ago that I was wittering on in my OUTSIDE LEFT column in the Manx Independent about how

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Mann: Social Chaos Looms for Fantasy Island!

October 11, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE (A personal view from the Celtic League DOI) All in all it’s been a curious two weeks for people on the Isle of Man certainly if you follow what’s reported in the Manx media. First the Chief Minister

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Submarine Narrowly Misses Fishing Boat off Coast of Ireland

December 21, 2013

NEWS FROM CETIC LEAGUE The appearance of a submarine off the coast of Donegal coast in Ireland/Eire this week, narrowly missing a fishing boat, prompted a plethora of enquiries from journalists wanting to speak with the League’s Director of Information, Bernard Moffatt. Mr

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Death of Manx Celtic League Stalwart

May 19, 2013

News from Celtic League Press Deirdre Catherine Moffatt (nee Moore) was a longstanding member of the Celtic League for almost forty years, joining the League in the mid 1970s. She was an active Manx nationalist through her membership of Mec Vannin and several

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