• February 8, 2018

News from An Conradh Ceilteach – Irish Branch of the Celtic League:


Protect the Community of Oileán Thoraí!

For fear of the island being abandoned, the people of Oileán Thoraí have organised a protest due to be held next week. Representatives from Toraigh will be protesting outside the Dáil in Dublin on Wednesday, the 14th of February from 10am onwards. They are asking supporters to come out and to be present for 11am.

Roinn na Gaeltachta (the Department of the Gaeltacht) is offering the people of Toraigh an old ferry boat that is over 40 years of age. This worn out boat is not suitable for the sea between Toraigh and the mainland which is notoriously rough. Certain families on the island have said that they will leave Toraigh if a proper ferry service is not provided.

Speaking about the protest, Misneach’s spokesperson, Seanán Mac Aoidh, said:

“There is a real danger that untold damage will be done to this community, that is one of the strongest Gaeltacht communities in the country. In this time of crisis in the Gaeltacht, both social and linguistic, the abandoning of Toraigh would represent a huge blow. That cannot be allowed to happen.”

Mac Aoidh continued:

“Representatives of the Toraigh community are asking supporters, Irish speakers and the people of the country in general to come out to the protest on the 14th. This is a battle not just for the future of Toraigh but for the future of the Gaeltacht and rural Ireland in general!”

Mac Aoidh concluded:

“Misneach will be present at the protest on Wednesday to support the people of Toraigh. It is very important that Gaels, and anyone else who has an affinity with the island and with the Gaeltacht, come out. This is the time to stand up for the future of the Gaeltacht and rural Ireland.”

Image: Tory Island from Wild Atlantic Way

Submitted by Irish Branch of Celtic League

p&p Alastair Kneale 08/02/2018

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