• April 5, 2019

A support fund has been set up by Veterans For Peace Ireland for US Veterans For Peace Ken Mayers and Tarak Kauff, who have so far been prevented from returning to the USA pending their trial for a peace action at Shannon airport on St Patrick’s Day 2019. Their trial could be as much as three years away.

“The Irish State and judicial system appear to be trying to inflict maximum inconvenience on these two genuine peace activists because they know it is likely that they will be found not guilty when their trial by jury takes place eventually. This amounts to punishment before trial. Their non-violent whistle-blowing peace actions at Shannon airport were intended to expose and in a symbolic way help prevent Irish complicity in US wars of aggression crimes in the Middle East that have resulted in the deaths of several million of people including up to one million children.

Details of the account to which money can be lodged are as follows:

Account Name: Veterans For Peace Ireland

Account Number: 14214098 Sort Code: 986020

IBAN: IE86ULSB98602014214098


The contact person for Veterans For Peace Ireland is Edward Horgan (who issued this call for support)

email: edwardhorgan45@gmail.com

phone +353858519623

Posted by Cathal Ó Luain, Convenor Celtic League. “I would ask all Branch Secs and CL members to assist in this effort.”

Image: Ken Mayers and Tarak Kauff of ‘Veterans for Peace’ at a hearing at Ennis District Court.


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