• December 22, 2018

A move by the Irish government to restrict larger trawlers from a 6 mile inshore zone around Ireland is welcome but is it too little and too late (links):



Celtic League have been expressing concerns about Super Trawlers for some years and these operate extensively off the West of Ireland the Celtic Sea and around Rockall.

For the most part these regulations will not impact on the destruction they are wreaking and their will be a transition period for sprat the exploitation of which for fish meal has already led to the collapse of the Celtic Sea herring fishery. Several other species of fish and marine mammals depend on sprat as a food source continued exploitation of the stock will have a knock on effect.

While any move is welcome the creation of large marine reserves offshore would have more traction in terms of fishery conservation than a 6 mile coastal skirt.

Images: Super trawlers can catch and freeze up to 200 tonnes of fish a day

Bernard Moffatt

Celtic League

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