• May 2, 2001

Almost a year ago we directed a fairly straightforward enquiry to the British Ministry of Defence following an incident at the VLF Criggion installation on the Welsh /English border.

The facility, operated on behalf of the MOD by British Telecom, was sealed off in May 2000 following what appears to have been either an accident or sabotage at the facility.

Criggion is a large multi-array aerial complex which has a scarcelyconcealed role supporting communications with the British nuclear ballistic submarine fleet. It may also be involved in supporting the US ballistic missile submarine force.

Having unwittingly found itself in the news we thought it was a useful opportunity to make some pertinent queries about the potential health implications of the vast aerial array complex.

However, the MOD seem reluctant to talk about the base, its role or any harmful health spin-off from its operation. Two queries to the MOD Directorate of Safety. Environment and Fire Policy, eventually resulted in a reply saying that the matter had been passed to the Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO). That was three months ago and since then nothing has been heard.

For a body which has a specific role connected with communications the DLO seems strangely uncommunicative. So what did go on at Criggion?

Bernard Moffatt

Celtic League 02/05/01

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