• November 10, 2015


If there was a daily game called ‘stick the tail on the donkey of news’ today’s prize would have to go to Manx Radio.

We reported yesterday on the stations business news section rather ludicrously highlighting a conference on gambling with the words ‘social responsibility’.

Today the story went up a tier to the general news section with a story entitled “e-gaming movers and shakers gather for summit”. Leaving aside the fact the title is hardly the snappiest collection of words ‘movers’ and ‘shakers’ in the context of e gaming aka gambling – this is simply ‘Gambling-fest Isle of Man’!

The insensitivity of it is mind boggling. Many people at the ‘sharp’ end of e gaming definitely do find themselves ‘moving’ – generally moving house because their home life has been destroyed by addiction. If not that they are certainly ‘shaking’ waiting for the bailiffs to come and recover goods to cover the debts they have run up.

As we highlighted earlier this week this ‘tat’ is what passes for news in our community and it’s a sad indictment of what it has become. We are celebrating an industry that is destroying lives and families globally!

Of course no Manx Radio interview about business would be complete without an interview from those ‘Graybacks’ of the Manx commercial world the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber likes to boast it ‘has been the Island’s leading advocate and champion for business with a focus on creating a climate of growth and success in our community’. What it doesn’t say is that it’s made its members filthy rich into the bargain and guess what you are about to give some of those members another £50 million from your reserves. Yes that’s right, while you starve or freeze this winter Eddie Teare, Laurence Skelly et al will be doling out your money to people whose pockets are already bulging at the seams!

Fancy some ‘moving and shaking’? Give the team on Douglas Head a ring I bet they won’t make a story out of it!
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