• February 7, 2016


When I had one of my periodic rants the other day directed at Isle of Man Post I had no idea that I also had a gift for clairvoyance.

Our ‘august’ postal services philatelic section were the subject of my ire and their seemingly endless preoccupation with militarism – usually British.

Well right on cue a few days later out pops another set of stamps and you guessed it they are of a military bent. I defy anyone however to have speculated on what the subject matter would be (even me with my apparent clairvoyance skills).

The subject is the Battle of Jutland an obscure North Sea indecisive military engagement which in terms of ships and tonnage resulted in a clear margin of victory to the German High Seas fleet.

Makes you wonder what drives the creativity machine at Isle of Man post as you would imagine that there are so many significant events in our own history that would capture the imagination in a more striking manner.

I mean what about banking and insurance scandals? I would imagine there’s a good market there. I don’t mean historic events like Dumbell’s but more recent incarnations such as SIB, BCCI and KSF. We could even bring it bang up to date by including the current Scottish Power/Powerplan issue in the headlines at present. I feel sure that suitable graphics could be found to illustrate the set.

Anyway going back to IOM Post and its epic sea battle it may just be on a winner.

The most famous quote from that ‘Battle’ was from Admiral Beatty Commander of the Scapa Flow based Battlecruiser squadron who said after three of his ships had blown up ‘There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today’. This week once again the crème de la crème of Royal Navy warships (the Type 45 Destroyer) are in the news as they keep breaking down. Another stamp issue perhaps?

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  • Battle of Jutland – Isle of Man Post Office
  • Battle of Jutland – Isle of Man Post Office
  • Battle of Jutland – Isle of Man Post Office
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