• February 17, 2016


The Manx Chief Minister (CM) is talking up the fact that less than 50% responded in a recent staff survey, it was 48% said to be up from 35% the last time it was held.

The CM said:

‘By taking positive action to address the issues raised in the survey we can make government a better organisation for staff and for the public they serve.’

He added: ‘It’s common practice for big employers to run corporate staff surveys, where the value of employee engagement in improving productivity is well recognised. As well as listening to our employees, we are encouraging them to recognise they are all part of one joined-up team serving the Isle of Man and its people.’

You wonder how much of this is ‘faff’ as Allan doesn’t exactly have form as ‘a listening’ Chief Minister.

Granted they did have ‘the conversation’ and the ‘Roamin Comins’ but most people who attended them said they thought the conversation was one way from Allan and the crew to the few souls who bothered to turn up.

To be honest I have it on good authority he doesn’t listen to his own Ministers much so how much time he will have for ‘Don’ in DEFA or ‘Ethel’ in Education we can only speculate.

What we do know is that even if Allan does ‘value’ the views of the public sector workforce he wasn’t much interested in letting the public ‘have their say’ over the past few years.

Let’s face it ‘cloth ears’ were the order of the day when people started kicking off about energy prices last year. As for concerns over the fact that Allan and the COMIN crew were raiding the reserves to give the business community a five year multi-million pound bonanza he heard that alright but immediately used every available platform to vilify the ‘Neigh-Sayers’.

No I don’t see Allan and his government getting much out of this survey although fair play to those who responded.

The writing is on the wall in any case for this administration ‘it’s 2:00 am on the Titanic’!

‘The troops’ will just have to hope that the next ‘Dalai Lama’ to be chosen by Tynwald is prepared to have a look at any script Allan leaves behind in the Chief Ministers Office!


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