• June 14, 2016

News From Mannin Branch of The Celtic League:

“Quite frankly it is shameful that on an Island that has enjoyed alleged growth better than most other first world countries obscene wealth coexists with extreme poverty.”

I did something unusual today I listened to Sunday Opinion and the Mannin Line back to back. I usually can’t take the bilge that Manx Radio spews out but today the subject matter of the two programmes I thought was really important.

David Talbot a former several times candidate for the Keys was setting out the background to the new Manx Credit Union which hopefully will be making a real contribution to easing the plight of those who need short term loans very soon.

The beauty of the Credit Union ideal is that is helps you out where as other loan arrangements whether it be via ‘established institutions’ ‘pay day loans’ or the ‘unofficial loan sharks’ rip you of.

David Talbot and those behind the credit union ideal are to be APPLAUDED and Roger Watterson in giving it a good airing and in a measured way teasing out all the aspects of the venture is also to be congratulated.

However we do have to ask ourselves if the urgent need, and I think it is urgent, for an institution of this type is not a sad reflection on the way society has developed and more pertinently the way politicians have let the people down.

Allan Bell et al are constantly prattling on about ‘growth’ and how well of people are now but the sad reality is that many people are struggling and even those not in dire need (and that number is growing) often need short term assistance to get them by.

Of course the other side of the coin is those that are doing very nicely – some of them occasionally pop up with a comment on these pages offended by the fact THAT WE SPEAK OUT FORCEFULLY AND DIRECTLY ABOUT THE ABUSES PERPETRATED BY THIS GOVERNMENT ON THE PEOPLE.

I would make a promise to those people who don’t like what the Celtic League say ‘you are going to hear a lot more of it so get used to it’!

One would think that it would be a source of shame to our politicians that people need food parcels and in winter have to make a choice whether to heat or eat. You would think they would be astonished that in our main streets there are undertakings offering short term credit at outrageous rates of interest. You would think that our police service would be vigorously pursuing illegal loan sharks.

Maybe I’ve missed something but I have heard nothing on this subject from our senior politicians although to be fair one or two MHKs do make expressions of concern on social issues occasionally.

Incidentally, what sort of community ‘celebrates’ honours being given to folk who have presided over a culture of deprivation?

Quite frankly it is shameful that on an Island that has enjoyed alleged growth better than most other first world countries obscene wealth coexists with extreme poverty.

I wish the credit union plan well and hope it enjoys success and is well supported – a lot of people are going to need it if this goes on and I can see no reason at all to believe that in the short to medium term anything will be down to address poverty and income deprivation!

Image: Robin Hood he ‘robbed the rich to help the poor’ the Bell government have inverted the process!
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