• June 23, 2017

The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, has stepped in to help women seeking abortion which are proscribed in N Ireland access facilities in Scotland:
A Supreme Court this week said that women from N. Ireland could not access NHS facilities in England as a right to obtain an abortion.
A Scottish government spokesman told the Sunday Times: “We are supportive of all women having access to safe and legal abortions.
“We will carefully consider [the] Supreme Court judgement and the implications it may have in Scotland.”
The SNP government stance will put them at odds with the DUP in the North of Ireland currently hoping to be in coalition with the UK conservatives. The DUP attitude to abortion is Luddite.
Women from the Isle of Man also have to travel to the UK and obtain abortions in private clinics a step that can be both traumatic because family support is not always on hand and accessible and expensive.
The Manx governments Health Minister has said that the evidence for a change in Manx Law is ‘inadequate’ and despite calls from reformers in Tynwald the Isle of Man seems to be content for the time to be lumped in the same category as the archaic Christian fundamentalist Unionists of Ulster!
Public Relations Officer Mannin Branch
Issued by: The Mannin branch of the Celtic League.

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