• May 26, 2015


Gaffe prone Lib Dem peer Sir Malcolm Bruce is almost certainly the last man you would want on your side in a crisis.

Today on the BBC he said that all MPs including Ministers and Prime Ministers lie and if they all had to resign it would clear out the House of Commons.

He was speaking out ‘in support’ of embattled ‘Smeargate’ Lib Dem MP Alistair Carmichael.

We described it as ‘an astonishing intervention’ in a Celtic League press release which was carried by the Crown Dependency News site earlier this afternoon.

By this evening all the main UK newspapers are carrying the story and it seems certain to further fuel the controversy.

But there’s more! Sir Malcolm Bruce who now thinks deceit and lies is apparently a feature of political life did not always have such a laissez-faire attitude to its consequences.

This is what he had to say in his newsletter about Labour MP Phil Woolas kicked out of Parliament for telling ‘porkies’ five years ago:

“Oldham verdict price of lying

The court ruling which, subject to a judicial review, has cost Phil Woolas his parliamentary career, shows that lying about an opponent to win a seat has potentially devastating consequences.

Mr Woolas defeated his Liberal Democrat opponent by just 103 votes and it seems highly likely the damagingly untruthful publications he put out made the difference.

Once the Speaker of the House of Commons has ruled, there will be a by-election in which the people of Oldham East and Saddleworth will have the chance to choose a new representative.

Labour leaders have immediately distanced themselves from Mr Woolas, presumably knowing how much he has tainted the party’s reputation.”

Should have practised what you preach Sir Malcolm.

Finally, just to update everyone on the crowd funder by Orkney and Shetland Islanders to take the Carmichael issue to the courts. When our news release was posted on Crown Dependency Political News (CDPN) earlier this afternoon I said they had raised £7,000. It is now a staggering £20,000+ and rising. They have enough money now to launch the action, but still require additional funds to sustain it. If you believe in democracy help them out every £1 counts. Crowd funder link in the article on CDPN above.

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