• February 14, 2016


‘Bill Henderson (pictured) says he is giving those kicked off incapacity benefits a ‘soft landing’. I’d like to give Bill a soft landing in the real world’

Quite frankly it is a disgrace in our small community when the disabled have to take to protest as the only method to get it across how demeaning the current reassessments of people classed as disabled is.

Rob Farrer (see post below) has called for a protest at Tynwald and it is to be hoped that his call will be heeded. However quite a few people who would support just cannot get the time of work, or afford it in these cash strapped times!

Under the old system people were certified unfit for work by their GP the person who knew best their circumstances, health record and capabilities. If the DHSS disputed this they could utilise a local GP from a roster to carry out an assessment.

The system, which allowed for appeal worked well and then LET’S BE BLUNT the Isle of Man government found itself cash-strapped and looked around for areas to cut.

The disabled and those on benefits, including pensioners was an obvious and easy target for them.

Bill Henderson MLC says the present Isle of Man system is more ‘CONSIDERATE’. I say ‘will you listen to yourself Bill you are starting to sound like Allan Bell and Eddie Teare’s court jester’!

Bill also says the system tries to provide a ‘SOFT LANDING’ for people kicked off incapacity benefit. When I hear that I would like to give Bill a ‘soft landing’ in the real world! (Link):


Disgracefully as this government tighten the fiscal noose around the throats of the most vulnerable they still go on with grandiose projects and implement a multi-million pound give-away of a staggering £10 million a year (for five years) to the business community.

They also want to give the business community ‘TAX BREAKS’ while they ‘put the boot in’ on the disabled!

It’s time to take a stand. Please write to your MHK and also MLCs asking them to DITCH DEPENDABILITY (the assessment firm with the contract to carry put the government’s dirty work). IF THEY DON’T REPLY POSITIVELY send them a postcard with the words SHAME ON YOU written on it. For the price of two stamps you can let them know what you think.

Fortunately some MHK/MLCs are already opposing or are uneasy about this policy lets give folk like that (e.g. DAVID CRETNEY) out full support!

FINALLY we do not need off Island practices such as those that are already leaving in their wake death and misery for disabled people in the United Kingdom.

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