• January 25, 2021

“Biden and Shannon airport -Time to ground Shannon stopover

“Irish people scattered around the world welcome the transition in the USA to Irish-American President Joe Biden. However, Ireland is not the 51st state of the USA, or another one of its occupied territories. We are an independent sovereign country.

“We represent just 0.07% of the population of Planet Earth. We can never be a military power, and if we align ourselves with foreign military powers, all our soldiers will ever be is cannon fodder or mercenaries, “War dogs hungry and grey, Gnawing a naked bone, Fighters in every clime, For every cause but our own.” These are the words of Emily Lawless in her poem Clare Coast 1710.

“That same Clare coast at Shannon airport has seen Irish sovereignty, independence and neutrality compromised severely since 2001 by the wholly unnecessary transit of over 1m armed US soldiers on their way to and from US wars in the Middle East. If President Joe Biden wishes to show his love and respect for the country of his forebearers, he will direct the US military to cease using Shannon airport. Irish American ties and friendship are as deep as the Atlantic that separates us. Now is the time to repair and restore that friendship and kinship.

Edward Horgan <edwardhorgan45@gmail.com>

Shannonwatch and Peace and Neutrality Alliance”

Above Letter Published in Irish Examiner 25th Jan 2021.

Posted by Irish Branch of the Celtic League (25th January 2021)

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