• November 18, 2016

Another disappointment for the Chagos Islanders – the latest of many – denied again the right to return home.

This report from RT (includes video) describes in detail the terrible pressure and threats used by the British government at the time of their forced eviction to make way for a military base which is leased to the United Sates military (link):


RT says:

“Among the methods British and US authorities used to drive the Chagossians off their island was killing their pets en masse with exhaust fumes and threatening to shoot, bomb or starve the natives themselves.”

The British government are offering a miserly £40 million (over a 10 year period) in conscience money to help improve the lot of the Islanders many of whom live in Mauritius to which they were exiled.

The Celtic League is one of a number of groups internationally which support the campaign for their return to their homeland and for this shameful wrong inflicted on this Island people to be righted.

Image: Oil tank storage built by the US Military to supply the base which dominates the Indian Ocean region. Warship’s at anchor, in the background, on the sheltered lagoon that once supplied the Islanders with fish.

Public Relations Officer Mannin Branch

Issued by: The Mannin branch of the Celtic League.



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