• December 27, 2017

‘Separatist’ is the label tagged on to Catalans, Basques, Kurds and nearer to home, the YES voters in our own Scottish Independence referendum. The British Unionists have tried to make this word ‘Separatist’ sound like a criminal action, or a disease of some sort. Meanwhile in the real world separation is a natural process, and occurs in many walks of life. We separate the wheat from the chaff, before we can make bread for example. We use the best skilled surgeons to ‘separate’ so called Siamese twins, allowing them to lead independent lives.
To be physically joined would be a living hell. When the love has gone in a marriage divorce is the only reasonable alternative, allowing both individuals to live happy independent lives. To stay married, especially if one partner is dominating the other, either mentally or physically is also a living hell. Moreover, it is not natural either.  So the process of self determination by nations, is a natural and a desirable ‘separatist’ function. We saw it in recent years, with the so called ‘velvet revolution’ a separation of the former Czechoslovakia into the two nation States of Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Both continue to be independent and free without the other. They are now friendly neighbours.
In contrast Spain, with its imperialistic, dominating, and draconian enforcement of its one-sided and flawed Constitution no longer has what could have been a friendly neighbour in the form of Catalonia. Spain now has a smouldering resentful neighbouring nation that voted for independence. By being denied that right will for ever remain resentful and a neighbour that will have to be watched closely by the bullies of the Spanish King and his Madrid-based secret police. They know only too well, as does the Anglo/Brit MI5 that an uprising can be crushed but not an idea. That Idea is democratic freedom, within Independence verses the Bully of undemocratic Domination of a Nation by outdated Imperialism. Who will win? So far in the case of Scotland and Catalonia bullies have won a battle, but not the war, so watch this space.
Iain Ramsay

Alba Branch Secretary


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