• February 10, 2016


The Banc d’Arguin National Park according to the Wikipedia entry is a:

“Nature reserve that was established to protect both the natural resources and the valuable fisheries, which makes a significant contribution to the national economy, as well as scientifically and aesthetically valuable geological sites, in the interests of and for the recreation of the general public. The park’s vast expanses of mudflats provide a home for over two million migrant shorebirds from northern Europe, Siberia and Greenland.

“The region’s mild climate and absence of human disturbance makes the park one of the most important sites in the world for these species. The nesting bird population is also noted for its great numbers and diversity. Between 25,000 and 40,000 pairs belonging to 15 species, making the largest colonies of water birds in West Africa (IUCN Technical Evaluation, 1989).”

Mauritanians, if you look at the countries history since it achieved independence from France in 1960, haven’t had a great deal going for them and now things have gotten a lot worse because guess what’s turned up off shore on one of its many fishing trips? The world’s 2nd largest super trawler the Lithuanian EU registered MV Margiris.

Since we reported some months ago on the destruction of fish stocks of the West of Ireland and the furore that caused we have been keeping track on the various gigantic super trawlers including the Margiris that we identified.

The MV Margiris likes the waters of Mauritania and it’s making sure it gets to exploit them not leaving much for the indigenous population.

Environmental group Greenpeace targeted the Margiris indeed four years ago activists from the organisation painted PLUNDER on the side of the vessel as it fished the same waters.

It’s a disgrace that the EU is allowing its fleet of monster trawlers to destroy marine fisheries in the way these vessels do. Ecologically it’s a disaster for the marine and sea bird life that use the Arguin National Park and the waters of the Gulf of Arguin. As for Mauritania well its fish stocks are still being plundered!

Video of opposition in Australia which led to these vessels being banned from Australian waters it also shows the daubing of the Margiris off Mauritania in 2012:



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