• August 25, 2021

The Brits are evacuating civil staff in Afghanistan after a failed war that cost them NATO and the United States countless lives and also killed and maimed many civilians. They abandon those that fought with them in a rerun of the Kabul evacuation of 1928/29. Interfering in others countries they have never learned in centuries.

The British media will portray this ‘tail in their legs’ flight as a great epic – shame on folk who are deluded by this.

The Brian Withers painting (1970) portrays the 1928/29 evacuation of Kabul by the RAF also as ‘a great triumph’!

History repeats itself and the people of Afghanistan suffer once again as they have in the past. Broken promises!

Image; Brian Withers painting 1970 shows Vickers Victoria transport aircraft of No 70 Squadron RAF being escorted by Westland Wapitis of No 20 squadron during the Kabul evacuation of winter 1928-29.

Bernard Moffatt

AGS Celtic League (13th August 2021)

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