• May 17, 2021

The bi-annual NATO war games are currently underway around Britain and Ireland. The Exercise usually codenamed ‘Joint Warrior’ is this year termed ‘Strike Warrior and involves a combination of warships, submarines, aircraft and land forces from a range of NATO countries.

A few days ago ahead of the Exercise Scottish CND expressed anger that the exercise was using Scotland as a ‘military playground’ and voiced environmental concerns.

In the past the ‘Joint Warrior’ series of exercises have been associated with deaths of marine mammals while life firing at Cape Wrath caused heath fire damage which it took the area almost a decade to recover from ecologically.

There are currently a range of activities underway involving air activity in the North Sea, an anti submarine exercise off the West of Scotland and a vessel of the US Military Sealift Command in the Irish Sea.

There are reports here from two Scottish newspapers which outline more detail.



Exercises of this type usually also involve warnings to fishermen because of the increased submarine activity and for at least part of the exercise GPS systems in some areas will be impacted.

Bernard Moffatt

Celtic League Military Monitoring (11th May 2021)

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