• February 5, 2021

The Scottish blogger and independence campaigner Craig Murray goes on trial tomorrow. The trial (or ‘Der Process’) is straight out of Kafka he’s accused of telling the truth about the failed prosecutions of former Chief Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond:


Just about ready for my trial for contempt of court tomorrow; signing off a final affidavit in a minute. It is really difficult to get my head round the fact that I could very soon be jailed for up to two years for writing about the conspiracy to fit up Alex Salmond and reporting honestly and carefully on his trial, and face an “unlimited” fine.

“One feature of the pre-trial hearings and rulings has been the Crown refusing to disclose documentary evidence, and refusing to allow my witnesses. It seems they are trying to get me convicted with no courtroom drama and as little said as possible. I have at this moment very little idea even of what evidence I shall be permitted to give myself from the (virtual) dock. I have, however, sworn on oath two affidavits, and the text of these will be published tomorrow on this blog, (redacted for jigsaw identification) once I adopt my evidence in court.

“You can listen live to the court case from 10.30am tomorrow. Access details are here. I shall be very grateful indeed for everyone who does listen in. I am afraid it is a telephone link not an internet link; it is charged as a normal call to London (not a premium number), which may be free depending on your own phone contract. I cannot understand at all why the court uses this phone technology rather than the web, particularly as there is live video feed available to journalists.”

Here’s the full link:


The other thing the Murray case tells us is how ruinously expensive it can be to defend yourself when the ‘Justice System’ has its claws into you. He is running a fundraiser as costs already are over £75,000 before he has set foot in court.

A sad day for the justice system in Scotland.

Image: Craig Murray

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (26th January 2021)

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