• November 20, 2018

A factory in Scotland that we condemned in 2016 for manufacturing components for so called ‘smart bombs’ used by Saudi Arabia against the civilians in Yemen is to be targeted by protesters seeking its closure.

In 2016 we highlighted the role of the Raytheon facility at Glenrothes in Scotland which produces guidance systems for the weapons now campaigners say they want to see it closed down (link):


The campaign group say that Raytheon should also return monies supplied by the Scottish government which was supposed to enable it to diversify from weapons production.

The United Kingdom is one of the largest military suppliers to the Saudis and their coalition allies who have killed thousands and injured many more in a relentless air campaign against undefended civilian areas in North Yemen. The UK BAE systems supplies aircraft training and technical support and UK military advisers are also in Saudi Arabia supporting the despotic regime.

Image: (1) A relative with an injured child and Civil Defence workers after a Saudi strike. (2) Médecins Sans Frontières doctor tends injured child – even this charities hospitals were targeted by the Saudis.

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Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary
Celtic League

pp Celtic League Military Monitoring

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