• June 15, 2016

This article is a personal view on Scotland and the referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the European Union due to be held on 23 June 2016 submitted by Iain Ramsay member of the SNP group against the EU:

The Fourth Reich

Firstly let me point out that although the First Minister is for staying in the EU, (a union we as a nation did not join, being dragged in at the time as an appendage of and by the Anglo/Brit state,) Scotland’s flag does not fly there, and it’s pathetic five seats in the EU Parliament underline the fact that only sovereign states are recognised. Denmark, slightly smaller, has 16 seats as a sovereign state. Scotland gets the same as tiny Malta with only 0.04 million population (5 seats). That is because they took full independence (within the Commonwealth) from Britain in 1964 and are therefore a sovereign state. Thanks to our 2014 NO voters we don’t get this recognition. As the early USA revolutionaries said “No taxation without representation”and that surely applies here,

There are thirteen countries in Europe with smaller populations,and territory than Scotland, but being Independent and sovereign they qualify for full recognition. Scotland’s larger population is virtually disenfranchised by staying a non recognised, non sovereign,and a non free state. That great English Nationalist of the “And Now England Stands Alone” wartime statement (Winston Churchill), made an even more poignant statement which can be used to explain this very  Anomaly. He said “Any Nation that does not stand up for its rights deserves to be crushed.” Sostand back you NO voters and feel how being crushed by the new Fourth Reich feels. Sadly we Yes to Independence and freedom voters have got to suffer with you. We, as Scotland never voted to be a member, should in my opinion take this opportunity to withdraw from this undemocratic, corrupt, unaccountable bureaucracy. If at any time in the future we felt it would be beneficial to join this dubious clique, then it must be on our conditions.

Only an Independent & sovereign country can join and until we are in such a position then we should take the lead of Norway and Switzerland and stay well outside, Free to make trade agreements with the commonwealth and non EU countries, build our ferries and supply ships at Ferguson’s and not be dictated to farm them out to Poland because we are in this crazy union. Now the European Union is contemplating having an Army. Following the pattern of all unions, in that they are at the beginning of a creating a new Empire. One which may call up our young men and women to fight in wars not of our making nor concern. No thanks, all empires are a licence to murder rape, steal and confiscate, in the name of its Emperor. Hitler with his Third Reich, was the the last one to nearly succeed after Napoleon. My father went to fight for five years in the last war to keep us out of the Third Reich and I will vote on the 23rd to stay out of the Fourth Reich. Breaking down existing trade barriers and making EFTA (European Free Trade Association) work. Friendship Not Dictatorship is all that we need from Europe. Vote withdrawal and let’s stop any potential war before it starts.

(Written and submitted by Iain Ramsay member of the SNP group against the EU)

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