• March 6, 2020

Investigative Scottish news site ‘The Ferret’ reports that Saudi Aircrew are to face court martial proceedings because of war crime allegations involving bombings in Yemen which killed large numbers of civilians including many children.

Two of the instances were highlighted by the Celtic League which has also attacked assistance given to the Saudis via the manufacture of weapons in Scotland and the training of aircrew using facilities in Wales and the Isle of Man.

There is some scepticism from Rights Groups about the fact that these proceedings have been unilaterally announced by Saudi Arabia and it may be an attempt to deflect from parallel efforts to have the Saudi aggression and war crimes in Yemen pursued by the International Criminal Court.

What ever the motives it is more that a tad ironic that the Saudi’s are taking action themselves over criticism of their actions and yet the Isle of Man government headed by Chief Minister Howard Quayle MHK did not have the guts to tell the UK it would ban Hawk trainers from RAF Valley from using facilities at Ronaldsway Civil airport on the Isle of Man. A variety of organisations including the Celtic League demonstrated at the airport and the League adopted a resolution opposing the use of facilities in Wales and Mann to train RSAF air and ground crews at its 2019 AGM in Brittany.



Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary (1st March 2020)

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