• June 4, 2019

As usual the Quayle government is on the wrong side of history by tacitly allowing support for training of Saudi Air Force crews from Valley who utilise Ronaldsway civil airport.

Opposition to arming and militarily supporting the Saudi regime and its allies engaged in attacks on Yemen is growing across the UK and Europe.

In 2018 a poll in the UK showed that only 13% of people in the UK supported the arms deals which include training packages at places such as Sandhurst and also RAF bases such as Valley which utilises the Isle of Man.

Celtic League using information in the public domain has narrowed down the training over the last six months and one member of the Royal Saudi Air Force on average has been trained at Valley for every month in that period.

Here’s the 2018 UK poll:


That figure is even stronger in France where in a poll last month 70% of people opposed sales to the Saudi murderers and indeed some ships recently where successfully blocked by public protest from loading weapons cargoes;


Meanwhile Germany has suspended arms sales following the Khashoggi murder.

Bernard Moffatt

Celtic League Military Monitoring

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