• March 2, 2017

“A SECRETIVE right-wing Unionist organisation with links to the former director general of the Saudi intelligence service is preparing to funnel hundreds of thousands of pounds into campaigns opposing Scottish independence.

According to The Herald, The National’s sister paper, the Constitutional Research Council (CRC), which is chaired by former Scottish Conservative candidate Richard Cook, is looking to invest in “credible Unionist groups” in the event of a second independence referendum.

Yesterday, the CRC were also outed as the “shadowy” donors behind a payment of £425,000 to Northern Ireland’s DUP during the EU referendum. That money was then used to buy Brexit supporting adverts during last June’s campaign throughout the whole of the UK, including a £280,000 four-page advert in the Metro, a newspaper not available in Northern Ireland.”

Full story here in THE NATIONAL:


If the story is true it seems that not content with using its military muscle against smaller countries like its neighbour Yemen Saudi Arabia is also dabbling in destabilising opponents in the UK. The SNP group at Westminster have been some of the most strident in opposition to weapons supplies by the UK to Saudi Arabia.

The news about the involvement in the EU referendum which has caused such destabilisation in Ireland will also we feel sure be of concern to Irish groups now faced post Brexit with a reimposition of the border.

pp Celtic League.



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