• June 22, 2020

A British Army SAS man who a British government Minister said should have been investigated for war crimes has died.

Brian Baty served in most parts of the British Empire at times when abuses including killings, beating and torture os suspects was perpatrated. Even after leaving the service he was involved with a firm of private mercenaries alleged to have committed war crimes in Sri Lanka.

Baty served in the North of Ireland at a time the British Army ran murder gangs in the border areas of the six counties – frequently the operations crossed into the 26 Counties. Baty was present when eight SAS men were detained in the notorious Flagstaff Hill incident by Gardai and Irish Army Troops. He and the others were subsequently tried in Dublin where he contended the SAS troop had made a ‘map reading error’.

Baty’s unit was also involved in the incident where IRA man Peter Cleary was killed after his capture.

Baty, a hardened killer, was well regarded by ‘the brass’. The Director General of the SAS General George Foley recommended Baty for an MBE a move which was supported by Queen Elizabth II’s aide-de-camp General Frank Kitson. Kitson himself is a controversial figure having been the architect of British Army murder-gangs strategy.



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