• November 30, 2016

Good article (as always) here from Lorna Siggins, Marine correspondent for the Irish Times.

It refers to the multi-lateral deal signed in October which protects a vast area of the Southern Ocean around Antarctica.

The Ross Sea agreement may seem remote to us in the Northern hemisphere but any deal that protects the Antarctic has immense implications for not just the countries of the South Atlantic but for climate and the fisheries balance globally.

For the past two years almost we have been highlighting the unremitting assault on the marine environment from the assault on shell fish in the Irish Sea to the action of massive super trawlers in the Atlantic, off Africa and in the Pacific Ocean.

The Ross Sea agreement will protect a massive 1.55 sq/km of ocean and with other smaller marine reserves is an attempt to roll back the unremitting assault on the marine environment.

The deal will run for 35 years despite hopes that it would have been a lasting deal. It will also allow restricted access to some fish stocks but it seems that was a necessary compromise.

The other positive of course is that it is in place before Donald Trump gets into the Whitehouse and will outlive his term of Office and probably him.

Here’s the link – for once a ‘good news story’:


Image: British Antarctic Survey research vessel in the Ross Sea

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