• September 10, 2015


With all the billing and cooing emanating from Douglas Head, Isle of Man today you would have thought another Royal baby was on the way but no it was just another ‘landmark’ for ‘Elizabrit’ Lord of Man

Earlier the Lt. Governor was first out of the trap sending congratulations to ‘her nibs’ on this latest ‘landmark’ which it turns out is just connected to her longevity in the ‘job’.

‘Sadly’ later in the day the Attorney General (currently suspended) ‘rained on the parade’ somewhat by indicating that he is planning to sue over his current predicament and as his is a Crown appointment he will be suing Elizabrits representative here the hapless Adam Wood.

Obviously a story like ‘AG plans to Sue’ cannot be put on the backburner until the celebrations are over so rather incongruously the two stories vied for attention on today’s Manx Radio web news.

Anyway back to Adam he thought it would be a good idea to send ‘congrats’ from all on the Island to the ‘Lord’.

Well a the risk of being a wet blanket I find that presumptuous because I don’t want to congratulate her and I’ve been around here a lot longer than Adam in fact I was born here seven years before Adams boss even got the ‘job’.

I should imagine there are a fair number of people on the Island who also don’t want to be associated with Adam’s sycophantic statement and an additional large number of people who just don’t give stuff either way.

Lets get real, this is not a country that historically had an affinity to the British Monarchy, an institution that has clung on whilst most others in Europe have been consigned to the dustbin of history. The Island was bought by the Crown. Well they may have purchased the Island but they did not purchase my forebears or me and I’m dammed if I feel any allegiance to ‘her nibs’.

Later in day Manx Radio interviewed someone at the QE 2 School (now that’s thinking outside the box) who thought it would be a good idea if more was taught about the Queen – God help us!

I’ll tell you what did occur to me however. I wondered how on earth the secondary school in the west, something which was sought for many years, came to be named like countless others in ‘ENGLAND’ after Elizabrit. After all just half a mile up the road at Peel cemetery is the resting place of Sophia Morrison a great Manx woman and somebody who was in her day inspirational now she is someone it would be worth teaching children about.

Sophia Morrison loved, cherished and promoted our native culture in that context Elizabeth the Second has no relevance!


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