• February 6, 2018

It’s been suggested that a Contractor at RAF Valley (Babcock) that told its workers to speak English only during work time could have broken the law. The base which is the main RAF training airfield also utilises the facility at Ronaldsway IOM under an agreement with the Manx government.

Babcock, which was given the contract to maintain Hawk trainers at RAF Valley on Anglesey when the work was civilianised found itself at the centre of a language row earlier this month after it confirmed it asked Welsh speaking workers to exercise ‘politeness’ and only use English during working time when non-Welsh speaking people were also present.

It said this was “discussed and agreed at a union meeting in December 2017” – but the UNITE Union which representatives civilian contract and MOD staff issued a categorical denial that any such agreement had been struck.

Osian Rhys, a spokesman for Welsh language group Cymdeithas yr Iaith said last week:

“These are serious allegations. If they are true, the company has broken the law – it has been illegal since 2011 to stop, or attempt to stop, two individuals from speaking Welsh to each other.





It’s not the first occasion that RAF Valley has been at the centre of racist controversy. Two years ago the Celtic League expressed concerns about derogatory remarks made against members of the Travelling community using a site near RAF Mona (the Valley satellite airfield)

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