• July 19, 2021

The Celtic League has asked the RAF what payment it makes for the use of Ronaldsway IOM Airport (see below):

“Subject: Use by RAF VALLEY Hawk based trainers of Ronaldsway Civil Airport (Isle of Man)

“Dear Squadron Leader Williams.

“I understand that the RAF uses a facility for training at Ronaldsway involving (non-touch down) approach and take-offs under ATC.

“This facility has been in use for several decades.

“The Airport when it was operated by the (old) IOM AIRPORT BOARD confirmed that the MOD paid for this facility. Could I ask if that is still the position currently with the present airport operator the Department of Infrastructure and if so, what payment is made annually?

“Yours sincerely,

“J B Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary

Celtic League”

Image: An aerial shot of the Isle of Man civil airport at Ronaldsway – Inset: RAF Valley, Nth Wales.

Bernard Moffatt (24th June 2021)

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