• August 11, 2017

The Welsh people take their National Eisteddfod seriously and even the RAF know not to monkey about with it. So much so that they have moved some operations from their main training base at RAF Valley (close to where it is being held) further south to Llanbedr.

The RAF probably haven’t had to retreat south like this since the dark days of the Battle of France in 1940 – the Eisteddfod though is serious stuff:


The ‘Nation Cymru’ web pages have an excellent ‘Non-Welsh Speakers guide to the National Eisteddfod’ which puts its significance in context but also avers that if you are not a Welsh speaker there is still much to interest you, the programme is rich and varied.

The writer Ifan Morgan Jones opens the article with:

“Many of you are probably dimly aware that at this time of year there’s something big going on in a field somewhere in Wales.

You’ve probably seen a few clips of it on Wales Today, or photos on the pages of the Western Mail. But it’s unclear what’s actually going on there.

Know this: For many in the Welsh speaking world the National Eisteddfod is bigger than Christmas. It is the highlight of the year.

But if you’re not part of the Welsh speaking world, the Eisteddfod can be hard to get your head around.

Regular Eisteddfod-goers don’t always realise this, as many of them have been making the annual trip to the festival every year since they were in a push chair. The Eisteddfod has been part of growing up.”

The full article is here – well worth a read:


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