• March 26, 2019

“Two of Ireland’s flagship nature conservation groups have joined forces with an international network of concerned NGOs to push for bigger and better marine protected areas (MPAs).

“The Irish Wildlife Trust (IWT) and Coastwatch Ireland, alongside prominent European marine advocacy organisation, Seas at Risk, have launched a project that is set to put the issue on the State’s agenda.

“As part of their new project, the groups will be pushing politicians to enact legislation for the MPAs designation process as stipulated under the EU’s Marine Strategy Framework.

‘The Sustainable Water Network (SWAN) – an umbrella network of Irish environmental and conservation groups – is already a member of the Seas at Risk coalition.

“Ireland has an international target of protecting 10 per cent of waters by 2020 and 30 per cent by 2030. Currently, just over two per cent of Irish waters are protected, the second lowest percentage in Europe.

“MPAs are any area of intertidal or subtidal terrain, together with its associated flora, fauna and cultural features, which is protected by law. They include marine reserves, fully protected marine areas, and marine parks.

Full report here at Green News ie:


Image: Kelp

Bernard Moffatt

Celtic League

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