• July 4, 2011

Members of the Kernow (Cornwall) Branch of the Celtic League attended a demonstration last week (30th June 2011) to protest against government cuts in the public sector.

Kernow branch secretary, Mike Chappell, reported to the general council of the League that many members of the branch had attended the 500 strong protest and that he had conducted several live radio interviews, including with BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Midlands and BBC Radio Cornwall. In the interviews Mr Chappell made it clear that he hoped Cornwall would play an integral part in the strikes and protests and said that he hoped later this year to see the whole of Britain brought to a halt in protest at the actions of the worst Westminster Government of recent times.

In an interview with Lawrance Reed of BBC Radio Cornwall Mr Chappell re iterated his call for mass action against the Westminster Government and for freedom for Cornwall. Reed countered by saying that we all lived in a democracy to which Mr Chappell responded:

“A democracy owned by the country next door to mine is no democracy at all.”

On top form, Mr Chappell argued:

“I urge people to seize every opportunity to undermine Westminster and I am afraid that my fears of mass criminality within Cornwall Council following the recent plastic card expenses fiasco have today been confirmed. I call upon Cornwall Council to resign en masse and to be gone. They have let us all down and have sold our birthright.”

Meanwhile in Cymru (Wales), a poll conducted by Beaufort research showed that almost 6 out of 10 people in Wales thought that the cuts were too deep. Specifically 56% of people in Wales thought that the spending cuts being imposed by the UK government are too sever, but a spokesman for the Wales Office insisted that the cuts were essential for dealing with the budget deficit. Over the forthcoming weeks public sector unions will be coming together in Wales to decide on the next stage of industrial action, following the day of strikes across the UK last Thursday. Around Wales an estimated 40 000 public sector workers joined the one day strike.

Rhisiart Tal-e-bot
General Secretary
Celtic League


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