• May 26, 2015


The ‘smeargate’ scandal involving Alistair Carmichael continues to ‘grow legs’.

In an astonishing intervention, apparently in support of Carmichael, the Liberal Democrat Peer Sir Malcolm Bruce has said that lying by politicians including Ministers and Prime Ministers is prevalent and he went on to say this is well known.

He was speaking during an Interview with BBCs Radio 4 Today programme and the clip of the interview is helpfully posted on the ‘Wings over Scotland ’ website at this link.

Whilst politician’s credibility has not been high of late this will be a further blow to their credibility (does it apply to other Parliaments and Assembly’s throughout the British Isles we wonder?).

Sir Malcolm indicates that the use of what he terms ‘brazen lies’ is prevalent and if everyone including Prime Ministers who have lied were made to resign, in his words, ‘we would clear out the House of Commons’.

Sir Malcolm Bruce has been a Member of Parliament for over thirty years and has held key roles on Committees and was also deputy head of the Liberal Democrat Party so he should know a thing or two.

It’s unfortunate the BBC interviewer did not ask him to cite examples, but he can still do it and as a sitting peer can reveal all in the House of Lords without fear of prosecution for libel.

It is to be hoped that some Nationalist MPs from Wales or Scotland may press him to come clean and name names of the ‘brazen liars of the House of Commons’!

Meanwhile in the latest developments in Orkney and Shetland a crowd-funding initiative has already raised over £7,000 to fund legal action by the people against Carmichael .

You can support their fund at this link.

(In the time it took to write this article over £500 was contributed)

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