• October 3, 2017

Hywel Williams (Plaid Cymru – Party of Wales) Member of the UK parliament for Arfon has condemned the actions of the Spanish state and criticised European political leaders for their slow or lack of reactions to the events in Catalonia last Sunday. Travelling back from Catalonia, where he had been acting as an international commentator, he described the actions of the Spanish state against peaceful voters as “reprehensible.”

He went on to say: “Plaid Cymru applauds and appreciates the determined, patient and peaceful conduct of the Catalan people as they expressed their democratic will today, in the face of the Spanish state’s reprehensible actions,” 

“We condemn the Spanish state’s behaviour in brutally attacking defenceless people, including the elderly.

“We are concerned for and express sympathy with the 850 people who have been injured – 100 of whom required hospital treatment.

“We also condemn the Spanish government for stealing ballot boxes and votes without presenting the appropriate legal authorisation, for serious interference in the process by deleting websites and interfering in the electronic operations of the election, and persecuting and punishing democratically elected politicians for allowing and engaging in discussions which are entirely legal in any other country on how to test the people’s will.

“We commend the thorough, disciplined and conscientious work of the Catalan election officers in the face of grave threats and attacks.

“We welcome the result in favour of independence, and call on the Spanish government to recognise the result as valid, and condemn the spinelessness of the majority of European political leaders and their silence in the face of this state violence.”


Hywel Williams MP

Welsh demonstration in support of Catalonia (Daily Post).

Catalan Flag.

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