• November 12, 2019

Lightheartedly scary look, (by Jenna Watts on BBC SCOTLAND) if that’s not a contradiction in terms, look at the Cold War from a Scottish perspective in this documentary broadcast perhaps appropriately on November 5th.

It has everything from bubonic plague testing off the Hebrides to ferries that were recently revealed to really be floating bolt holes for government – you wonder what else remains to be told!

It brings back happy memories for me. The Faslane Peace Camp featured used to liaise with Celtic League back in the 1980s as part of military monitoring campaign I ran for the League for many years.

Meanwhile back in the 1960s I was manning one of the Observer Corps posts like those illustrated towards the end of her film. You could say I had my own contradictions to sort out over several decades.

It’s on iplayer for a month so enjoy…oh and learn because it looks as if the cold war has returned!


Bernard Moffatt, Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (9th November 2019)

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