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A Celtic League Branch Secretary has vowed to begin a hunger strike if the government does not respect the Cornish border by creating a new parliamentary constituency that straddles Cornwall and Devon. Michael Chappell informed members last week that he will refuse all food if a
government parliamentary bill to standardise the size of UK parliamentary  constituencies is passed, without any respect for the Cornish border. Mr Chappell’s message comes before a planned demonstration that is due to take place in Essa/Saltash, Kernow/Cornwall tomorrow (Sunday 10th October 2010), where it is expected that hundreds of people will turn out to send a clear nmessage to government that the Cornish border should remain as it is.

This week Prime Minister David Cameron angered Cornish campaigners further when he was recorded accidently on ITV West Country news as saying:

“We have got to have equal-sized seats. It’s the Tamar – not the Amazon for heaven’s sake.”

The Parliamentary Voting Systems and Constituencies Bill was presented to the House of Commons on Thursday 22 July and the second reading of the Bill took place on Monday 6 September and passed. In addition to making provision for a referendum on the voting system for parliamentary elections and providing for parliamentary elections to be held under the alternative vote system if a majority of those voting in the referendum are in favour, the Bill would also make provision about the number and size of parliamentary constituencies.

Mr Chappell told League members that he had “prepared himself for many months” with the intention of going on a hunger strike if the government pushed ahead with their plans. Ahead of tomorrow’s planned rally Mr Chappell said:

“It is really time for us all in Kernow to say no to these politicians who really do not understand us, our land or the ordinary people I love in the land I love. Kernow is just too important for the London politicians.

“Wherever you are from, if you wish to be Cornish then so be it and I want Cornwall to remain a special place.

“This Government seems hell bent on destroying Cornwall and I urge you all to support this campaign. Kernow has her own heartbeat.”

A group has been set up, led by the Mayor of Essa/Saltash, to campaign specifically on the issue and are behind the organisation of tomorrow’s rally. Last month the group met with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, urging him to keep the Cornish border intact, but their calls were rejected. The rally will be held at 2pm on 10th October 2010 under the Tamar Bridge.


Keep Cornwall Whole group


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