Welsh government were urged not to turn a blind eye to Saudi training at RAF Valley (Nation Cymru)

“My Country has been under bombardment and siege by US, UK, Saudi coalition for the last 3 years. People are dying from hunger. People are starving to death.

“Thank you for standing with us, it really means a lot for us. Your support will end this bloody war on us. Thank you so much.”

This message from Ahmad Algohbary was read outside the gates of RAF Valley on the dark, wet and windy evening of 7th November 2018.

Ahmad is a freelance journalist in the Yemen, who is also the founder of the Yemen Hope and Relief Charity.

His message was read out as a combination of Welsh Peace groups staged a protest and called on the Welsh government to halt the use of the base to train Saudi personnel’

This link to a report in NATION CYMRU


Bernard Moffatt
Celtic League Military Monitoring

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