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I have not heard any mention by Manx Radio of the gas reductions in Ireland (perhaps it’s because I don’t listen to the station that much – obviously I’m going against the trend of its growing audience) so I was pleased when a contributor to the Mannin Line raised the issue and indeed cited our Celtic League press release.

Treasury Minister Eddie Teare was of course immediately dismissive and just wittered on about their having to be a regulatory regime and there would be one in Ireland to.

The caller was soon dispatched although earlier on there had been loads of time to discuss some interminable drivel I can’t even remember now it was so boring.

Eddie Teare (being Eddie) of course never answered the cogent point which is why (regulatory frameworks aside) gas companies in Ireland have been able to make two reductions in the cost of their product this year when they are drawing that product from the same pipeline that Manx Gas get theirs from.

THE FACTS ARE that every supplier in Europe is dropping their prices for gas and yet in the Isle of Man it effectively (via the slight of hand of the standing charge) in real terms goes up.

Eddie Teare or Allan Bell need to address that issue and stop being so dismissive of public concerns as for Quirk and the OFT get rid of it that’s one way to save money!
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