Wallace Letter to be Returned to Scotland

The Wallace letter is to be returned to Scotland on long term loan under an agreement brokered between the National Records of Scotland and its current holders the National archive.

The `letter’ sometimes referred to as the William Wallace passport was a safe conduct letter written by the King Philip IV of France to grant William Wallace secure passage to visit the Pope to gain support for Scotland’s cause.

It is believed to have been in Wallace’s possession when he was betrayed by the Earl of Menteith and arrested in Robroyston, near Glasgow, in August 1305. The document was taken by English forces after Wallace’s 19-day journey to London, where he was convicted of treason before being hanged, drawn and quartered.

The agreement between the two `National’ archives has huge significance to the argument for the return of other artefacts held by UK institutions.

Detail about Celtic artefacts currently in contention can be found on the Celtic Leagues `Celtic Treasures’ website at:


(This article prepared for Celtic News by Bernard Moffatt)

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