Unresolved Burglaries Can Lead to More Sinister Crime


Just how evil and malevolent a crime burglary is was demonstrated in Co. Down over the weekend when three very elderly pensioners were locked in a room of their house undergoing a terrifying ordeal whilst thieves ransacked the premises (see link).

The victims of the crime were understandably described as ‘very shaken’ by the incident although otherwise unhurt. However, it is clear the trauma of the crime will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Police in Co. Down are appealing for information, meanwhile politically one of the areas MLAs, Sinn Féin’s Chris Hazzard, concerned over the impact of crimes of this nature in isolated rural areas is to raise the issue with his Ministerial colleague Michelle O’Neil. Another area MLA Margaret Ritchie rightly described it as a heinous crime.

The Celtic League reported in March about a spate of 50+60 burglaries that occurred in North Wales and which seemed to mirror a similar though undisclosed level of unresolved burglaries in the Isle of Man a few month earlier which Manx police seem to be totally in the dark over (see link).

At the time there were suggestions that a highly organised gang were working around the Irish Sea area.

The incident in Co. Down, however, is of a markedly different nature as not only has it involved robbery but also psychological violence.

What it does clearly indicate, however, is if sustained burglaries does go unresolved then there are criminal elements who will take it to another and sinister level.

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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