UK Government Has A Duty To Assist Bradley: Says MP


Outspoken human rights advocate and Labour MP Ann Clwyd has once again criticised the treatment of detained US soldier Bradley Manning who has family connections to Wales.

Ann Clwyd says (in an interview with the Guardian newspaper commenting on a film made by that news publication on the Bradley case) that:

“The film asks the questions to which we must get answers. Why are Bradley’s military bosses not on trial? Why instead is a vulnerable young man being made an example of?

I believe his treatment in Quantico military prison amounted to torture. This should be investigated and US military officials held to account. So I hope the filmmakers will make another film, detailing the cruel and inhuman treatment
Bradley endured in solitary confinement for eight months in US military custody.”

The Member of Parliament for Cynon Valley adds:

“With Bradley’s Welsh family, I am calling for his trial to be held in public. This is the only way he can get a fair hearing. The UK government has a duty to the family and to Bradley.”

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